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Grandchildren bring youthfulness, energy, optimism, fun and purpose to the lives of grandparents. They bring love. At the same time, I Nonni provide maturity, stability, guidelines and boundaries. They can be their mentors. They set role models.  Most importantly they fill their lives with unconditional love. 

We Nonni can make a difference in the lives of our grandchildren, passing on to them the wealth of our knowledge and experience.  It’s not possible to appreciate our present if we do not know our past. 



That’s what we represent for our grandchildren: their tie to the past.

We must make sure that the past will not be lost or forgotten. We, as Nonni, have the duty to share with our grandchildren the stories of our families, our own childhood experience.


In this way we can be the ‘glue’ that holds generations together and we contribute to form a family identity.





The Associazione i Nonni (Grandparents) was founded in 2005 thanks to the initiative of Mr. Antonio Bamonte and a group Italians who wanted to underline the importance of the role of the grandparents in today’s society and to bridge the communication between grandparents and grandchildren.

Most of all to empower I Nonni and make them feel that they can still contribute in moulding the future of the young generations.


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Antonio Bamonte

Vice President

Responsible Public Relations

Joe Commisso


Carlo Schiliro




Our Address

Suite 208, 29-31 Lexington Dr

Bella Vista, NSW 2153 Australia

Ph: 02 8882 8000  Fax: 02 8882 8080


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  09:00AM – 19:00PM



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